Hello Backers!


You have been sent to this page because you are one of the amazing people who decided to be immortalised forever in the game…



Here you will find information on what to do next, and while I have talked to you each individually, It makes it easier if you each to have a reference place to come to.



But, before we get stuck in, Thank you again.





The Artwork


The artwork for the game all started life as regular ‘selfies’ taken by family, friends and heroes of mine that I reached out to and asked for their support. The photos are then all sent to my Artist, A man I’ve know for 15+ years called Pat Currier.



He will take the reference image, ink out a line drawing, add in wild west features, props or clothes and then colour the whole thing in his amazing style.



Below I have given some examples of ‘before’ and ‘after’











As you can see, the original photo doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’. It doesn’t have to be in costume or perfectly framed (though If you can and want to then by all means feel free to go all out!) 



What I do ask is they are taken on a good quality camera. Most phones now have a main camera more than capable for what we need and essentially the better the resolution the better the final product can be because it makes Pat’s job easier to capture your likeness true to how it really is. 



Also, multiple shots is always better too. So, if possible, please do send multiple photos for us to work with, what I’ve told some of the people in the past is to imagine their ‘meanest’ face and go from there. It is definitely the case that the more ‘animated’ the face is the better the final card turns out. Some of my favourite criminals now are the ones that looked truly psychotic when i first saw the image!



Please send as many images as you want to BHThegame@gmail.com 


The Crime


A huge part of the criminal card is the text to accompany them. On most cards it outlines the reason they have a bounty on their head and some are truly bizarre! However in each case I wanted to give a nod to the real life person behind the character. Some people I have mentioned key words that their fans would recognise straight away like Paul Albrough, in real life he is a famous rap artist called professor elemental… so his crime directly relates to his latest album… Or ‘Chuck glass’ the barkeep, in real life he is the Drummer from Rudimental…

In short, I want the people to drive the backstory. So, if you want to, I very much want each of you to send me something to work with.


This can be a sentence or two about your life, your job, your dreams…. Or a full on autobiography, whatever you’re comfortable with. Keep in mind that any info you send to me might well end up in one way or another on your card!! 


(For peace of mind, all cards can be shown to you before the print run to make sure you are happy with the text.)



So please, send your sentences, paragraphs or novels to BHThegame@gmail.com along with those photos. 

The whole process is fairly quick, but with so many to get into and the manufacturing process about to begin its something that i would rather have ‘too much time’ to do than not be able to give you each the level of detail you deserve. 



For now, that’s it, I look forward to your emails coming in and once again, Thank you for your support.